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Monthly Goals: November

  Setting goals this year, came with setbacks, but stronger comebacks. I can say it has greatly change my perspective to reach success, at least come close to it as possible. I refuse to give up on myself. I learn confidence doesn't always start with the way we feel, but being persistent over my fears… Continue reading Monthly Goals: November

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Autumn Tag: Get to know me pt.2

1. Describe your feelings of fall’ rain in three words.   Peaceful, Calm, Romantic 2. What are your plans for this fall season?   Pumpkin picking, blog more, spend quality time with myself, with friends and family. 3. Silent nights or windy ones? What do you love more about the falls?   Both, its a balance. But when… Continue reading Autumn Tag: Get to know me pt.2

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Six Words

This story just got even better. In response to prompt: 1LinerWednesday Please click here to read the other six word stories I've published on this blog. Don't forget to like, share and comment below! The Cool Fix This has been the best for my skin. It eliminates ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and redness after shaving… Continue reading Six Words

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I want to encourage you.

Keep moving forward. Whatever you are facing, it is placed there to distract you. You are equipped to handle the pressure and confident to speak up for yourself. There is more power inside of you then you ever realized. Take up your Bible and defeat those giants. God is your armor and shield. Don't lose… Continue reading I want to encourage you.