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Lets face it, everyone wants to lose big every year. I’m talking about weight, that is. Many of us are looking for the fastest way to achieve weightloss. This will only lead to a temporary fix or worst you’ll crash. You feel frustrated and hopeless. Returning to the scale or mirror, and seeing the same results.

Oftentimes we set unrealistic goals or expectations. Quick to eliminate the “bad” foods, burnout from the gym, buying countless workout videos, plateau, or suppress our appetite using supplements.

Proper weight loss requires maintenance, intentional to select healthy foods, its called a Lifestyle.  Which doesn’t happen overnight.

There is hope! Breathe, take baby steps, make small changes.

1. Ditch the scale

I never regretted this, in fact I don’t own one. Personally, it can be discouraging and diminish the progress you’re likely have made. Consider this fact, muscle weighs more than fat. Traditional scales cannot distinguish the difference. However, they maybe newer, high-tech ones on the market. Its a personal preference, as long as it inspires you to keep up the progress you’ve made. I prefer to focus on how my body feels, my energy level, and how my clothes fit (if its loose, then its time to toss, lol!) All sensible ways to listen to what your body needs.

2. Drink Water!

This was one of the biggest changes I made in my journey. Trust me I enjoyed my share of soda, juice, (you name it) packed with loads of sugar. All of the excess sugar builds fat, makes the teeth yellow, and sometimes causes acne. You’ll be surprise when you swap out those sugary drinks for water how quickly you’ll notice the difference. I’ve gotten rid of drinking alcohol. I felt my energy and body more in balance. Plus, water helps to clear the skin and for women helps to remove toxins during urination. (TMI, being honest & sharing facts from my physician). I’d say this is way more beneficial then grabbing a sugary drink. Takes less effort and makes more sense. Can even infuse water with frozen fruits, for a delicious drink.

2. Farther the distance means burning more fat. 

Another great tip to effective weight loss, avoid elevators, instead use the stairs. Rarely will I use the elevator at work, even if I carry things in my hands. Make a little extra time to park the car farther away from the entrance. I live on the top floor (3 floors), so I’m getting more steps in now. Carrying groceries upstairs isn’t fun, but its necessary for my body. All great ways to not only burn calories, but to tone and strengthen muscles. If you experience weak joints or difficulty physically, pace yourself.  This isn’t a marathon, just take it slow. Go at your own pace

3. Never skip meals

With the busyness of life, sometimes we tend to skip out on meals. I do it out of habit and because I want to finish complete my work. Ideally, we think “if I don’t take in food, then I can lose lots more weight”. This is not a good suggestion, it may lead to physical consequences. It can lead to a loss of important nutrients and vitamins, to maintain a healthy balance. (Remember to get information about your overall health from a medical, licensed professional before making any drastic changes. Always do research.)

Not only have breakfast, lunch, & dinner, include a small Snack in between.

4. Don’t shop Hungry

Don’t ever, I repeat don’t ever buy groceries when you are hungry. Immediately, you’ll fill the cart with all the junk food you could get your hands on. And for many of us, we know exactly which aisle has the sweets. Our tastebuds have great memory on what sort of sweets can satisfy our craves. (Mines is chocolate). The body will to devour all the sugar and carbs to fuel the body. Trust me this leads to a crash of your energy. Before you go to the grocery store, trying having a healthy snack on the go. It can be fruits, protein bars, shakes, or salad.

5. Celebrate the small victories

Maybe you are just starting on this new journey or returning from falling off. Remember to pace yourself and always forgive yourself. You will hit bumps in the road. Some times we fall back to old habits. It happens to the best of us. We have to learn to encourage ourselves, be persistent, and find discipline. We are creating new habits towards a healthier lifestyle.  Don’t be so hard on yourself when you make mistakes. Try better tomorrow!

Acknowledge the small victories, you are one step closer than you were yesterday.

Make it a lifestyle, not just a diet!


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5 thoughts on “Make small changes

  1. Hey, you did a pretty good job on your blog! Definitely great encouraging words. Since you’re interested in healthy life style, I thought maybe I could introduce you to doterra natural solutions that are purely only made from plant parts. I have a blog on natural solutions..Feel free to check out my blogs at

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  2. Loved this post! Although I don’t write about losing weight, I agree with you that people should focus on the small changes in their daily habits. I especially loved your point 5 of celebrating the small victories 🙂 I think I could do that more.

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