Count Your BlessingsHey guys, I want to start a series called #CountYourBlessing, to share the highlights and inspiration from the week. After a busy week, sometimes our spirits may dim. I want to open this forum to all of you to spread inspiration or funny stories. God has not forgotten us,”Count your blessings”. Gods love is unconditional and he is always there. I just want to highlight the small or big blessings we encounter.

Here are some highlights from this weeks adventures:

This week marks a breakthrough in history. My fiancé decided to attend church on Sunday. Hallelujah! God favor reigns. I couldn’t be more happier. The pastor message reflected on our EGO. He define it as, EGO (Edge God Out), how humanity dwell on Pride to obtain control and superiority over others. We’re not relying nor living on Gods promises in our life. We should only focus on EGO (Exalt God Out), pouring out Gods promises in the way we speak, our actions, and in serving others. Many of the examples the pastor shared hit home, for both of us, truly on a very deep and personal level.

Throughout the week, my Fiancé and I took a walk around the neighbor and talked. I really enjoy talking and laughing. We promise to do these walks more often. It gave us a chance to clear our mind. We’ve decided to do check-ins once a week to disclose our feelings and develop new ways to work as a team. We agree to be more open about our frustrations and work on them together, rather then build resentment.

Thank you God for this next blessing. My friend confide in me the heaviness on her heart. I was able to create a comfortable, free, and peaceful atmosphere for her to share. She is facing some challenges in her family. I focused more on listening rather then talking, it helped. I hate seeing others sad and struggling, but I know God is working behind the scenes to help her. I ask if you all could keep her in your prayers. I believe in the power of prayer, in numbers can attract God to do the impossible. “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” -Matthew 19:26

Laundry, an ugly task. Boring.. I waited to the last minute to do laundry. It was getting very late, so luckily we have a laundry facility on site.  Knowing it was dark outside, he protected me. My fiancé help unload, fold, and put away the laundry. I know many of you are going to say, shouldn’t he be doing laundry anyway. We have an agreement on household task.  Its not a women job versus a man job, arrangement. We are both focus more on teamwork, rather then selfishness. I was so grateful he step up to help lend a hand. Who doesn’t like to see a man do laundry, it’s very sexy!

I hope you enjoy it! I look forward to sharing more stories. Remember you are amazing, no matter what! BYOB (Be your own beauty).

Enjoy your weekend, please comment below, I would love to hear from you guys. What has God done for you this week?


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