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Unburden yourself from New Years Resolution!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!🎆  Finally 2018 is here! Ok, lets go through the resolutions of 2018:  Eat less junk food, more grass Exercise more, eat donuts while on treadmill Organic everyday, all day, cook my turkey in a flowerpot (checkout video on my Facebook page, hilarious!) Umm.. something is missing! As this maybe heartfelt at the time,… Continue reading Unburden yourself from New Years Resolution!

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More than just coffee..

Hey Fam, OMG, what is happening with iPhone? These updates are getting out of hand. Honestly, am I the only one whose having problems? First, off I regret doing the 11.1 update, I've lost some very important data in my apps. One of which I needed to complete student assessments. I was boiling over with… Continue reading More than just coffee..

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More than just coffee….

You assassinate my character, ignore my cries, discredit my reputation, forget I'm a woman, express verbal disrespect, and ignore my hard work. How Dare You! In anger they are verbally abusive and heartbreaking. Especially when its from a love one. I question myself every minute, Why do you come against me? I've been confronted by… Continue reading More than just coffee….


Tending the Table

Hey Friends, I've developed a passion for decor, who knew?! I enjoying checking out catalogs, Pinterest, or even spending time shopping for exactly what I want. Funny enough, I actually have more patience to shop for decor or accent items for the home, instead of clothing (online clothes shop is my niche). My focus today,… Continue reading Tending the Table

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My Favorite Holiday Songs

Hi Friends, back with another play list. Nothing like listening to Christmas music to get you into the Holiday spirit. 🎶 Fa-La-La-La-La, La-La-La-La! 🎶 Here are some melodies to add to your own list. Happy singing! 1. MercyMe It's Christmas! album 2. Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker album (I'm obsess with the Nutcracker. Whose seen the trailer… Continue reading My Favorite Holiday Songs