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January Obsessions

Hey Fam, How's everyone start to the New Year?  I confess, January is coming to an end. I'm going to miss you! I can't believe it, in 1 days its going to be over 😢. I'm excited to share some of my recent obsessions for month. Primarily, once in a while, I'd like to post… Continue reading January Obsessions

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Discover your healthiest self: fuel the body

OMG! I love food, pizza is my favorite! In moderation, of course. Since I'm focus on being more intentional, it also applies to food, workouts, and peace of mind. Recently, from my doctors appointment, I found out I lost 3lbs. OMG! WOO-HOO! It's the small things, small victories. I'm so ecstatic, but I don't want to… Continue reading Discover your healthiest self: fuel the body

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More than just ☕️

Hey Friends, Frankly, if 2017 taught me nothing else, but of one importance. We all love to talk, maybe a little to much. Nothing is private and we don't care who we let into our lives. We give them permission to criticize, bully, and demoralize our characters. Yet, it doesn't give viewers the right to… Continue reading More than just ☕️