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Hey guys,

The sun nestles against the brilliant blue sky, a cascade of fluffy, white clouds, almost like popcorn, Yum! Looks can be deceiving. I know when I open this window, the rush of cold, brisk area pierce my skin, shockingly. Oh, how I wish Summer was here, already! Nevertheless, I thank God for this beautiful serene.

I’m here sitting on my couch, tucked under my favorite blanket, wonderwoman. Fun fact, this is woman’s month, I proudly snuggle up in my wonderwoman blanket with power. By the way, a great movie, I’m sure they’ll play it for the entire month, lol!… I wanted to share another great book, I’m currently reading.

Oh wait, since I’m Fasting, My snack selection is: Woven Wheat Crackers with guacamole and bottle of water. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with guacamole, taste good with everything, lol!


Freshly made from Whole Foods, the best! Pick some up, you won’t be disappointed.

woven wheat

I always purchase the 365 brand, its a bit cheaper in price compare to all other brands. Fell in love with these crackers at one of my church groups. I don’t even miss the Ritz crackers, this is a healthier choice and can go with practically any dipper sauce! LOL!

March booklist:

Praying Woman

For all my ladies, I strongly advise you too pick this book up. It will peak your interest and passion to pray, whether you’re a believer or not. If there was ever a time we needed help in our life, to replant the prayer in our homes, work, family, and world. This is the starter line. Too all my readers who are concern with length of chapters: It’s a simple read, short chapters, and every page, every word, resonates deep within the heart. You will feel empowered, as a woman should feel.

In my opinion, it does not follow the typical flow of a christian book. It’s very relatable, as the inner most thoughts of Woman, in its complexities of life. I’m currently reading this book, taking my time to devour and dissect the messages of God. Truly, believe God is using her as my spiritual connection directly to God. This is a book, I’ll carry with me always in my faith walk. Please be honest with yourself about the information gathered from this book. It is not to harm you or weaken you. Her words are powerful. You build a hunger to know God and ways to pray effectively. The title means what it says, the power resides in Prayer. Prayer is your battle plan against the enemy, use it wisely and strategically. Prayers in numbers (groups) gets God direct attention to answer prayers. Don’t do it alone.

A phenomenal book!

Please pick up a copy today, you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Reading!


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