Praying without Ceasing


There is no room for God and us on the throne of our Heart. Jesus shed his blood on the cross, he died for us, so we can have Gods grace and mercy. God wants to love you, prayer is the gateway to reach his love. And when we pray, God takes all of the broken heart, pain, burdens, and darkness, as he is the Healer. The light of God will peel away the layers, to bring us back to wholeness. We are made whole by God, and for his purpose. We have all been created to fulfill a purpose, we are important.

Through this fast, God reveal my brokenness, of course from the past. And, it did hurt. I still had to work on breaking the shame and anger. Two years ago, I thought I broke the chains of shame, but the prison walls still remain. God ask of me, to dive even deeper into his word. Reading the word, study, and meditate. I was asked to be obedient to his principles. Which as I’ve mentioned in my last post, was not something I could grasp. I thought I was doing everything perfect, according to his will (in fact I placed more limitations against myself). Simply put, God was placed in a box by the flesh. I was driving my life and making the blessings happen.

As time has past, I cannot get enough of reading Gods word and sharing him with others. I’m not a walking bible or a preacher. God is in my life whether you like it or not.

Why have I chosen him?

“I thank you, you have always been there. Even when mine eyes closed you off to the distance. Your brilliance of light cast a shadow of your silhouette, even as my vision blurred, held captive by darkness. Oh and yes, I would hear your voice yelling, “turn around”, your angels point to your direction, the heat of temptation drag me towards the populace. Marking the half blessings of my own doing, my own works, when your echoes rein out, “I can give you so much more, let me in”.

I cast down the crown of your glory, and picked up the shackles from the enemy. Well, now the foolish becomes wiser as I lift my existence, to sort after your stronghold of protection. Against the enemy, the spiritual enemy, and his spiritual warfare. I played the survivor far too long, exhausting. I declare as I put my armor on, CONQUEROR, THRIVER, & WARRIOR! I need you more than I’ve ever needed you in this lifetime. No more counting down, but more like counting up the number of times you’ve lead me to victory. Remembrance is key, the key to unlock the truth, break every chain, and burn the flames. Flames of Faith.

Surpass the realm of hope, step into Faith! What does that look like for me? A dependency to drink in Gods word and feed on the purpose you designed for me.

Am I ready?….Nope!

Am I afraid?….Yes!

Am…..I…..alone?…. Are you kidding?! I am Never Alone!

You and I, those footprints in the sand, we imprint father and daughter.

Mighty is your ways, yes of which I shall follow without a shadow of a doubt, indecisiveness, or insecurity.

Heavenly father, I’m ready to take hold of your hand. My legs have gain their strength. There is beauty in the ashes of the shackles we broke, together.”

This journey is still a process, but much has been gain from this Fast. I need to keep myself hidden behind his word. There is much I need to be exposed too. I am fearful, but I am always assured by God that he marks the path ahead of me, before I even step foot in it. God has given me new travel companions, Joshua and Caleb to guide my every move. Make no mistake, its not about reaching perfection. Its reaching a contentment like never before, a peace that passes all my understanding. I am giving God the reins whether my flesh likes it or not. No more will my decisions be defined by my flesh.

Its just words, now time to put in practice. Here I go!


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