More than just Coffee…


Oh, Yea over here! I grab us seats….

From now on, lets meet at Barnes and noble, the best of both worlds (Starbucks and Books). I’ll just have water, you can order whatever you like, my treat!

Where to start, Umm, well this past March has been full. Looking back, I thoroughly enjoyed the Fast. My breakthrough involve prayers spoken years prior to the Fast. A stronger relationship with my sister like never before. We’ve learn to accept each other, flaws and all. There is a deep friendship and love like I never thought would be possible. A great peace!

I created a spiritual binder to write my prayer strategies. Yes, prayer strategies! Spiritual warfare is really. For now, I collect them in a binder. This is where I go to war against the spiritual enemy. I’m going to war for my family, friends, anyone who God puts in my life. (The inspiration came from the movie War Room, you must watch, immediately!) This is my appointed time with God, everyday. We discuss defense strategies and put on the armour of God. More on this later!

In the beginning, I journal a little, but now I’m doing it daily. I didn’t realize how much my mind was clouded by the events of the day. I use this time to talk to God as well. It helps to reflect on my journey thus far. I’m not sure of what is too come, its pretty scare, but I have to trust God. Walk by faith, not by sight. In retrospect, journaling helps to dump out the garbage collected throughout the day, and gives me peace to sleep at night. Towards the end of the fast, I received three, very vocal messages and I’m still trying to figure out what it all means. The thought of it gives me excitement, but I don’t want it to cloud my vision for Gods purpose. I’m waiting for Gods direction.

However, over the past years, God has been very distinct in providing 3 visions/acts, which impact my life in a good way. I spoke to my other friends about it, and they advise me to leave it alone. So I’m wrestling with what I should do with this piece of information. I find myself unable to stop writing about it. My heart feels with happiness and joy, but I don’t want it to become an idol in my mind, forgetting about God. I’ve asked God to hold captive my thoughts and keep me focus on him.

Another breakthrough came when I asked God to help me get more energy, lose weight, make healthier food choices, and exercise more. Well, this prayer came quick, when both of my friends offer free workout sessions. One takes place every Saturday at a church, while my other friend signed me up for a guest pass at her gym (2 weeks free). I couldn’t believe it! So I had to take advantage of it. God, can make things happen in a split second! He’s hilarious like that!

Overall, God has me on a new course. He’s preparing me for an amazing blessing to come. A constant reminder from him, something amazing is too come. God has asked that I stay hidden behind his throne, meditating and reading his word. I am going through a transformation like never before, breaking generational curses, breaking the chains of bondage, and breaking the enemies curse from generations. It starts with me, a heavy weight to carry, but its for the greater good. I am stepping into a new life, complete wholeness. If I can be honest, it is very scary, because I’m face with the unknown. I don’t know what to expect. I guess you could say, I don’t want to mess up or miss the mark, again! But if my walk, fasting, and prayers are by Gods design, then I have too trust him to equip me with the tools and Holy Spirit to complete the test ahead.

Just a few details to share!

Too Be Continued…..

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