Everyday Inspirations

Everyday Inspirations

Out of the commandments, comes this particular command.

“Love thy neighbor as thyself.” – Mark 12:31

It does not mean just your neighbor at church or your neighbor by your house. No every single person you meet is your neighbor. We are called to be kind to all, just as we ask others to be kind to us.

We are only kind when we are surrounded by people who are like minded, generous to us, or honor them in church because they all worship under the same religion. We need to humble ourselves before others outside of those comfort zones. We have to take the gentleness and kindness we share with our christian brothers and sisters, give it freely to all everyone we meet.

Many of Gods children are hurting in this world, prayer is needed, but desperately needs our helping hand and the gospel of Christ. Stop looking at the color of someone’s skin, economic status, or gender. Get in there, help them up, be the light at the end of the darkness. Unite with all of Gods children. Love them as you would love yourself. Show them the mercy and grace God has shown you.

God gives us unconditional love, so we can in return give it back to others. We are not made to live selfishly, violently, and be critical, judgmental. We are called as ambassadors of Christ, too live Christ-like.

I don’t understand how we expect others to honor you, when in return you don’t honor others. Displaying honor could be as simple as greeting them, praying for them, being a team player at work, keep from gossiping about them, calling AAA if they need roadside service, paying for their coffee, etc.. You don’t have to buy them a house to honor them. It’s all about your behavior, attitude, and actions. Is is pleasing to God? God is the judge, we are not.

Do unto others what you want done for you. God honors you when you call on him, he goes above and beyond for you, and never holds back his love when we call for him. Yet, we Humans feel we have the right to withhold and ignore the cries of others because they are of a different race. This needs to stop, because this is not Gods purpose. Heaven is open for everyone, here on earth and above.

We need to fight against the enemy of darkness, who continues to keep hatred, violence, and division alive. We need to be the hope this world is looking for. Be the light, in the darkest places. Be someone’s hope, be the voice they need, be the spiritual warrior they need.


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4 thoughts on “Everyday Inspirations

  1. Hi Tiffany,
    I’m with you it’s time for us to stop playing church. Everyday we can show someone the love of Christ. Every encounter is an opportunity for us to grow in Him.
    Thanks for the insight.

    Liked by 1 person

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