Everyday Inspiration

Everyday Inspirations

Almost forget you guys, LOL!

“But I trust in you, LORD; I say, “You are my God.” – Psalm 31:14

Good morning,

Ever feel like God is silent. You pray and ask God for a message or sign, but you receive nothing but silence. Perhaps, God has forgotten about me, you, or them. No, I’m going to have to stop you there. This is just not true. God has NOT forgotten you, in fact he’s constantly thinking about you. Gods thinking about you so much, that he’s working behind the scenes preparing your blessing.

But why is it taking so long? 

In truth, this is the Season of Silence. God is not only preparing the kingdom of blessings for you, but he is also preparing you and me. He is working on making us whole, breaking free of brokeness, unforgiveness, and bondage. God is working inside you to bring out the best version of yourself, to receive the blessing, and appreciate the blessing so much more. Each blessing is a purpose God wants you to fulfill. Yes, God created us for a purpose, yes we receive his blessing, but God wants to use you, the blessings, and purpose to be his testimony of faithfulness.

You are hidden in the silent season, because God is asking you to trust him, truly give him all of you. God is asking you to dive even deeper into the word. Not only to read his word, but use it in practicality, yes even outside of the church. Are you using God in every aspect of your life? Do you invite God in your job, during lunch, while driving, while grocery shopping, doing laundry, with your husband, wife, siblings, children, friends, neighbors, in your daily life. God is asking this in your season of silence. Walking in his glory and mercy, give him thanks not for the big things, but in the simple, small things. Walk in Gods love in everything you do, say, and think.

I am here as your sister in Christ, walking alongside you on this journey. Keep focus, keep pursuing, and keep your faith, God sees everything, God hears everything. This season of silence isn’t God ignoring you, moreso, God is watching you closely to see how you honor him in all aspects of your life.


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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage others to live the life they love. Inspiration to live a simple and healthy life.

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