Discover your healthiest self: Peace


I wanted to piggyback off of a post from Daily Hopeful.  Be at peace with everyone, as far as it depends on your comfort level. When you set boundaries, you set the limits on ways you keep your peace. You should filter and limit the exposure of people and situations. As christians we are taught to love everyone, even when you may not feel the emotion. This is great, we should help others, but we are not to bury ourselves under the weight of their burdens. We are encouragers and helpers, not people’s personal slaves. There has to be some type of balance.  God did not say allow people to walk all over you or steal your joy. When the presence of peace is compromised or threatened in some manner, you need to limit the time spent with them, walk away from the situation and readjust the peace.

There are situations or people who can drain your light. Draining too much of it can stagnant the growth you’ve accomplished with Jesus. Ask God to teach you how to create a healthy balance. Many times we allow people to smother us with their darkness. There is value in fellowship among others who walk in the light of God. We can refuel our spiritual tanks with the Holy Spirit. Remember we feed off of people’s energy (both good or bad). This is why it’s vital to keep our emotions in check. Acknowledge their existence, but find an outlet to disperse it in the best way.

The best practices to reclaim your peace:

  • Talk it out with friends, family or even a professional counselor
  • Write ✍🏼 it out in a journal, notebook, create a song, poem, or a blog (this has helped me, tremendously)
  • Workout, 🧘🏻‍♀️join a yoga class, a gym, anything that gets your body moving, helps to relieve negative feelings
  • Music, 🎧 listen to worship music, get up and dance, just have fun!
  • Sleep (this is my favorite, because when something is bothering me, if I have time, a nap does a body good, 😆 !)

When we allow people to pull the rug of peace from under us, we tend to fall back into old habits or irrational thoughts. Don’t let anyone disrupt your spirit, their not worth the headache.

Consider this piece of information as well. Filter out things that your eyes, ears, and mind are exposed too. I never knew The value in this teaching from God until I put it into practice. I’ve decided to avoid listening to certain music, watching specific television shows, movies, reading certain books, divert certain conversational topics, and limit the time spent in certain groups. Some may say, this is a boring life if you can’t enjoy fun. Little do they know, I have fun when I am at peace. God has fun, but not at the expense of losing my peace or morals. God will not allow anyone to compromise on his peace, why should we! Surround yourself with things or people which adds to your happiness tank. Even when setbacks happen, with peace you’ll be able to handle it with a clear mind. There’s no price tag to living a free, peaceful life. Give it to God to sort out ways to give you peace.


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13 thoughts on “Discover your healthiest self: Peace

  1. You know I’m in agreement with writing it down…do that brain dump and get it all out on paper. If your a good person … you almost feel bad when you can’t help so that guilt kicks in. But I also have to keep in mind that you can’t force help on people who don’t want it and you can’t drain yourself on people who ask too much of it, because they are not being considerate of you.

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    1. Oh my, how did I miss this. You’re welcome, I enjoyed your post because I needed to hear it. I was struggling a while back over someone. But I’ve given them over to God. In fact, today God said He’s taken care of it. Wow, God is awesome! 🙌🏼

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      1. I hear you – I too was struggling with a person, and that is what prompted me to write the post. Sometimes, the wisest – and hardest – thing to do is to walk away from those we think are closest to us. I now see that the time spent apart is for the Lord to work healing in the lives of both people, even if it takes awhile (after all, what is time to God?).

        It sounds like He’s given you peace over your situation – that is a blessing! ✝️

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