God First

This a post all singles need to read. Put God first above what the world cannot freely sustain for you. What God offers is so much more and everlasting. I want to Thank Daily Thankful for this post and quote! Enjoy!

Daily Hopeful

This quote by Oswald Chambers reminds me of why I am okay being single at this time in my life. While it certainly would be nice to be in a relationship, I simply am not interested in hitching my wagon to any man who does not make his relationship with the Lord the priority of his life – above career, money in the bank, or any other material inclination that one could have. Of course, these things are fine in and of themselves and certainly have their place, but never at the center of our lives! In my view, it really all comes down to having the right priorities.

This also means that I must continually strive to be a woman who keeps her priorities in the right place, where the Lord is at the center of all things. This is not always easy, though – after all, society frequently…

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage others to live the life they love. Inspiration to live a simple, well, and healthy life.

7 thoughts on “God First

      1. Yes! I’m right there with you. God has given you a ministry and what you have written on your blog (especially the posts on singleness) have been a source of much encouragement to me. Thank you. 💛

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