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More than just coffee…

In life people come and go. They fall into our lives for a season, reason, or lifetime. Can be quite difficult to distinguish, but the bible says to guard your heart. Listen and watch very careful at who comes into your life. We can't get to attach to people immediately. And we can't make people… Continue reading More than just coffee…

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Books & Munchies

The weather is getting colder. Oh, Christmas is just around the corner! I love this time of the year! In the spirit of shopping, wrapping, and giving great gifts. These would make great stocking stuffers or even better wrapped under the tree. I'd like to introduce some books to inspire the children of our future.… Continue reading Books & Munchies


Spiritual food for thought – Admitting our addiction to self

Reading the word isn’t enough. We have to live it and breathe it. God is with you along this process. Happy reading!


I have been slowly reading through a book called finding God. While I haven’t agreed with all of the authors ideas and theology, there have been some awesome truths that have leaped off the pages…

We Christians cannot talk about loving God until we come to grips with our raging passion for ourselves. We can not and will not love anyone but ourselves until we meet God in a way that stirs us to race after him with single minded intensity, until our deepest desire is to get to know him better – Larry Crabb

How often do we slow down long enough so that we can clearly see this “raging passion” for self? Is this idea and the pursuit of understanding us, our personality types and what makes us happy getting in the way of knowing our creator more deeply?

My addiction to self gets in the way of…

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Homeless Jesus

This is from another great blogger. I am always inspired by his post and his writing technique. But the message here is very dear to my heart and the relationship Jesus has with Gods children. As we can never be like Jesus, but wow what an amazing example to follow. Keep reading!

Fractured Faith Blog


I was out for my lunchtime run today, when I was literally stopped in my tracks by a new addition to the Belfast landscape. Outside a homeless centre I regularly run past, was a statue. At first glance, it appears fairly unremarkable. It’s a bronze sculpture of a man lying beneath a blanket on a park bench. What caught my eye, however, was the name of the sculpture – ‘Homeless Jesus.’

Behind the statue was a inscribed description of the piece. It was created by a Canadian sculptor, Timothy Schmalz, and depicts Jesus as a homeless person. His face and hands are obscured by the blanket, but the crucifixion wounds on his feet reveal his true identity. The sculpture is intended as a visual translation of the words Jesus gave to his followers in Matthew 25:45.

‘As you did it to one of the least of my brothers, you…

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