Remove Negativity

negative labels

We have a destiny to fulfill. In order to become all God has created us to be. Don’t give room to negativity.  Don’t allow people’s negativity thwart you from reaching your destiny. Don’t even catch it, let it slide pass, matrix style. You have been called Greatness, Valuable, Worthy, and created for a Purpose.

Why do we find it hard to ignore the negative labels?

Honestly, its hard to walk away from them. When we work in it, read it on social media, or born into it. It’s harder when we receive it from family members and close friends. Deep down we want to gain people’s approval. We want to feel accepted, but never seem to gain their praises. But God says, you don’t need their approval, only seek Him.

God sees you as the apple of His eyes. This same Father is the one who created the universe. God, took time to create you, uniquely. You are not insignificant. In fact, God is calling you to Him. God is standing there in the same space, opening His arms, and calling you by your name. But you may not be able to hear it because of the negative noises, you allow to get in.

Step back, step away, walk pass those negative people. They have no knowledge of the greatness placed in your DNA. They are not your Creator, the one who breathe life in your body, mold you to His perfection. The Father can mute the negative labels people throw your way. God is calling you out. “You are MY DAUGHTER. You are MY SON. You have been crafted by my own hands. I’ve created you into a masterpiece. You have been given a purpose, now go forth and do what I’ve called you to do.” 

God has a lot in store for you, his hands labeled you HIS daughter, HIS son! You are HIS children. Come to know your father.

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Pray with Me:

Daddy God, many of us are still wounded by the words people said against us. The pain they’ve caused with the hateful words still play in our mind and heart. The only way we can get through the pain and remove the repeating voices is by your Promises. God, help us see your scriptures in a new way. Speak to us, the moment we begin reading the Bible. Purge those negative thoughts and repeating words from the forefront of our mind. God, what you say about us, is the final say. God your word speaks truth. Show us what the truth is. God let our eyes see, what we couldn’t see in the natural. God let our ears hear, what we couldn’t hear in the natural. God whisper continually the love you have for us. God help us build the confidence in you and in ourself. 

In Jesus Name AMEN! 

Deflect the negativity with the belt of truth.


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5 thoughts on “Remove Negativity

  1. That is very good and something I needed to be reminded of once again! It can be hard when a good friend calls one ‘useless’, but then we do need to keep looking to our God and realize that what He says is what counts. Thanks for sharing this!

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