Jesus Calms the Storm

Maybe you’re familiar with the story about Jesus and his disciples travelling along the sea. They encounter a heavy storm, with dangerous winds and massive waves. Of course, the disciples panic and were frighten they would be swept away by the storm. Where was Jesus? Surprisingly He was asleep on a cushion. Not even this storm could wake Him from his peaceful slumber. I wish I could sleep soundly like Jesus every night.

Disciples thought: I can’t believe Jesus is sleeping! How can Jesus be resting, at a time like this? We’re about to die! 

Similar to the disciples, storms come against in life. Maybe at work, end of a relationship, disagreements with family members, increased debt, lost of a job, negative medical report, etc. Unexpectedly we’re swept up in storms, our own personal struggles. We’ve stepped away from peace instead bound by fear. The pressure feels overwhelming. We give into the power of these storms. Accepting the worst outcome, while overcomer by the weight of fear. We think there could be no possible way of getting out of this situation. These storms come from all directions, sometimes all at once. Doesn’t seem there’s no way to swim across it.

We cannot ignore our feelings, but how we choose to react makes a huge difference on the outcome. What do we do?

Let’s continue the story of Jesus and His disciples:

WWJD (What would Jesus do?) He came to the aid of His disciples. He spoke to the winds and waves to STOP. And that is exactly what it did. There was power behind His words. He knew, without a doubt in the power of God rather than the storm coming against Him. He handle the situation with God on His side.

Jesus knew this storm could not harm them. It was massive, but Jesus did not give into this visual perspective. He took on a different outcome, spiritual weapons. No matter what, this storm was not going to stop them from reach their destiny. Although, the storm looked scary and powerful, Jesus override that perception. Faith is more powerful then any storm coming against Him. This problem was no match for the Son of God, His faith in God turn the situation around.

Which is probably why Jesus turned to the disciples with a question.

I’d like to say, it’s so like Jesus to respond with a question. Seriously, Jesus is the truth. He doesn’t want us to just speak about the power of Faith. He wants us to walk in the power of Faith, with confidence. When the storms come against you, trust Jesus to pull you through it. Jesus is our anchor whenever problems arise. Even when the tides are rough and crashing down on us. Jesus promises we will not drown. He will ride in on the winds to protect us. Your Faith is the strength you need to get through any storm you maybe facing. Put Jesus name on your lips and He will shield you. With Jesus on your side, you will overcome the storms.

Pray with me:

Jesus, I lift up my eyes. You are the eye of the storm, the solution. Help me steady myself in Faith in the presence of these storms. Transform my response from fear to courage, knowing with Your help I can overcome. Even though, I feel afraid, I will receive strength from you. Come and float on through, ride against the waves. Help clear a path leading to you. These storms have no match over the power of Faith. When You speak against the storms, abruptly everything stops. Your protection goes up and nothing can penetrate. I, thank you for the protection, courage, and strength to overcome these storms. When I am weak, God you are Greater! Together, we are impenetrable force. Thank You for the protection. I can do all things through Christ who me strength.  

In Jesus Mighty Name, AMEN!

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5 thoughts on “Jesus Calms the Storm

  1. Wonderful post Tiffany and such true words! With Jesus on our side we can ride through any storm. That is something I need to keep reminding myself as I go through this long recovery time. Thanks for the great reminder!😁😸🌞

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      1. It is cold, winter has begun though there is just a light dusting of snow right now. I injured myself out walking 5 weeks ago, another month or two of recovery ahead. Guess I shouldn’t take chances like I always do.🤔🙄

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