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Guard your mind

Who would you say is the worst critic? Friends, family, boss, coworkers, or….how about you. Me? Yes. We’re investing in the illusion of perfection, beauty, and flawless. The moment something looks wrong, we lose approval ratings. We fester on negativity and self conflict. Social media portrays it wrong, because filters cover up the “ugly” truth.

As I was laying in my bed, I realized I had forgotten to do something. By no means was it anything extreme. But the thought of not completing it, rise to anxiety. Immediately, my thoughts were racing, worst kind of scenarios played in my mind. I put my mind into a state of unrest. I lost sleep that night worrying about it.

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Anything that is bothering you to the point it disrupts your sleep, must be given to The Lord. I turn to pray and searched for the verse above. Surrounded by the word of God is the best strategy. Reclaim the peace only God can give. Mistakes happen to everyone. No one is perfect, that’s ok. We ask God to forgive us (which He has done), but forget to forgive ourselves.

Let Go and Let God!

Present all of those mistakes to God. God will teach you how to breathe and overcome. Give yourself a break. It’s ok that we’re imperfect, God wouldn’t have it any other way.

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