DYHS: Mindful Mornings

Mornings, sigh! I love sleep more than bacon.

Cozy and comfy bed, irresistible. Just the thought of it now, makes we want to go back to bed. LOL! A morning routine (or lack there of), could be just the ingredient needed to produce a good, productive day. Here, are 5 tips, I found helpful to start my mornings:


This has been a huge life-changing experience. The minute we wake up, the first thing we reach for…phone. We are all literally attached to our phones, I’m guilty of that too. Spend hours scrolling, liking, friending, watching negative news, etc. Dumping garbage into our minds and overloading our circuits. This is one way to cause stress and frustration, before you even have your cup of coffee. You’re mentally and physically exhausted before you even started the day.

Tip #1

  1. Put the phone to bed the night before, until about midway. I usually keep my phone on “DO NOT DISTURB” or on silence until 8am. I’d even suggested, placing your phone across the room, a distant away from the bed.
  2. Take time to make breakfast, spend time with the family, and enjoy the flow of the morning. I like to sit a few minutes with the window open enjoying the sound of birds and seeing the sun.

You just need a moment to wake yourself up without all the distractions (emails, text messages, or business calls). Ease yourself into a morning flow.


Plug into the word of God, the bible or a favorite book. I start the day with a devotional and pray. Feed my mind with peace and a positive message. Words can be uplifting and encouraging.

Tip #2

  1. Im taking my time to study the bible. Taking my time to study the text and take notes. It introduce Jesus identity and mission. You’ll find it will ease your mind for the day as you meditate on positive words.
  2. Say a simple prayer:

“Thank You God for waking me up. Thank You God for health restored to my body. Thank You for a chance to see another morning sun. Thank You for the provision.  I am expecting good things to happen to me and through me today. I am expecting favor to come upon me and others today. God, give me the strength to control what I can, and to step back to observe the things where You have control. Father, be my guide and protection today.  Thank You for helping me to overcome any giants I face today.  In Jesus Name, Amen”

Doesn’t have to be verbatim. Prayer is special between the individual and God. Pray in the way it feels comfortable to you. God doesn’t care if its perfect. He adores us when we do it.


Yes I do meditate. Meditation, should be a quiet space, where you focus on breathing and empty the mind of negative thoughts. This will take practice, it’s not easy to sit still. My pastor explained, “It is not easy, mental chatter and noise block us from settling the soul. All the anxiety and anger surface. Nonstop stimulation and clutter needs time to clear, to learn how to settle the soul.” The soul is restless from over stimulation.

Tip #3

  1. I’d start with an app called ABIDE. It combines soft music, along with a scripture reading, and prayer. Why not use it during your lunchbreak. Give your mind a break. Give it a try.
  2. Journaling helps to lift the burdens of the day and empty them onto the pages. You’ll begin to feel the pressure lift off.


I don’t believe in Coffee Only breakfast! Breakfast is very important, it gives your body the fuel it needs to focus and be proactive. Don’t eat heavy meals, full of carbs which will have you crashing before the day is over. A hearty breakfast should consist of proteins, vegetables, and good carbs. I try not to do a drive by and go breakfast (fast-food restaurants). Although, convenient it doesn’t necessarily support mental and physical health. You maybe thinking, “Now I need to get up early to prepare food”. True, but it is beneficial to invest in a healthy morning.

Tip #4

  1. Prep your breakfast the night before. One thing I started last year is green smoothies. I’ve got a great advantage with the help of Teami Greens Superfood. It’s easy, simple, and beneficial. You can prep ingredients for smoothie in ziplock bags and freeze overnight.
  2. Fresh fruit taste amazing in the morning. How about some watermelon. I prefer the small size, since I can cut it in half and eat it like a bowl. Watermelon is filling and refreshing. I love mangoes, I’m Caribbean.
  3. Steel Cut Oats, which I prepare the night before. These tend to take longer to cook. This is a great source of fiber. Next morning, reheat, add your favorite toppings. I love adding peanut butter and raspberry jelly to it. YUMMY!


Music certainly feeds the soul. I created a morning playlist to prepare for the day. Uplifting music creates an upbeat mindset. I find music helps me focus and be more productive. I tend to have music playing in the background while I work.

Tip #5

  1. Create a playlist specific to your mornings. Add all of your favorites. Go ahead and dance. It’s like a mini celebration for you. I dance and sing all the time. Indoor concert. Music enriches the spirit and gets you moving.
  2. I prefer worship music. There is an array of styles: old hymns to moderate tempo to hip hop. Yeah, there are all kinds of gospel styles to listen, too. Surround the atmosphere with the goodness of God. Let your praise be louder than your problems. The best medicine.

These are just some ways, to make mornings the best part of the day. Start with one small change. I’d love to hear from you, do you have any other tips? Please comment below!

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage others to live the life they love. Inspiration to live a simple, well, and healthy life.

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  1. The tips were so helpful tiffany!!! Ummmmm!!! i Do have one idea that is never ever have an alarm clock because it sure irritates me!!!!

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