Help me celebrate!

Sana’a and I being silly! 💛
Sana’a & her sister Kendall 💛

Happy Birthday Sana’a

I love her to the moon and back. She’s growing up to be amazing human being. Beyond intelligent, compassionate, and beautiful inside and out. I love how she’s come into her own self but remembers to make others feel important.

I can’t wait to see what this year entails for her. I pray many blessings to come and she’ll overcome the challenges. She possess incredible strength and courage, it inspires me. I love her dearly. She will always be my baby no.1 (until I have my own children) 😉. She’ll be helping me with them, 😆.

Love you Sana’a

Have the best day today!

Enjoy every moment!

You deserve all the favor God has for you on this special day! And every single day thereafter.


Aunty 🤗

P.S. Guys help me celebrate my niece birthday below! I’ll share this post with her!

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