Cozy Corner: Good Reading Habits

I was tagged by Hayley at Life of Hayley in the Good Reading Habits Tag! Thank you!

The rules for this tag are pretty simple: discuss your good reading habits, tag back to the original creator, and tag a few friends!

Just a few simple steps!

Checkout my latest recipe: How to make a Chai Tea Latte. A warm, cozy latte perfect to set the mood to sit with a good book. Enjoy!


One way I get to see if a book is worth reading is by the reviews. I tend to weigh the reviews before purchasing a book. I prefer hardcover, instead of paperback. But to save money, I will purchase paperback.


When I stumble upon a book that peeks my interest I dive right in. If I am curious about more than one book, I’ll add it to my BOOKLIST (or amazon wishlist) to purchase later. When I receive books as a gift, I add them to the pile. The pile is going down guys, I’m making progress! Depending on the book, I can finish in 3 days or more. I am working on creating a little library, but I need new shelves. Something I’ll add to my amazon wishlist, too.


I do enjoy reading books. I set a goal to read a little bit everyday and sometimes that little bit turns into half a book by the end of the week. I am more intentional to read every morning before I turn on my laptop to work. Another great way to slow down, enjoy my morning ritual. I shared my current reading list here.


If I don’t enjoy a book, I will try to give it a chance. Midway, if I am still disinterested, well, I’ll pass it onto someone who will enjoy it. I don’t throw away books, someone can benefit from a good book.


There is always a free 2 month trial of Kindle Unlimited. If you enjoy ebooks, this is convenient. Easy to travel and access without lugging around a book. Your own library is just one click away. And you’ll have access to it from any device. I prefer the hard copy. I spend a lot of time looking at a screen for hours everyday. I need to give my eyes some rest. I make notes and indentations in some of my books. I love the feel and smell vintage way of holding a book.


All those whose name begins with A-F, tag you’re it! Come on, play along. I’d love to read it!

I’d love to hear from you, What are your good reading habits? Share below in the comments section.

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5 thoughts on “Cozy Corner: Good Reading Habits

  1. You’ve got very interesting reading habits, Tiffany! And I can relate to every habit on your list, except the ‘read a day’ one.

    I used to read every day; in fact, there was a time when I read no less than three books every week. But these days (with school, freelancing and blogging), it’s so hard to read as often as I used to. So now I read at least once every two days; though I still try to read every day during weeks that aren’t too busy for me.

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  2. Well done with the tag Tiffany! You have good reading habits. I need to get back to reading more books again. I too prefer a real book to an ebook, I spend enough time in front of a screen now. Have a great weekend!😁😸

    Liked by 1 person

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