Give. Yourself. Time. 

A butterfly starts out as a caterpillar. A rose starts out as a bud. What does both of these things have in common? They both found courage in the dark. The darkness was temporary. It would seem like nothing is happening from the outside, but within transformation took place. They struggled in secret, birth something beautiful.

Growth takes time. The struggle in the dark is temporarily. If we embrace the process, we’ll evolve into something beautiful. I seek to use this platform to rescue and inspire others to develop self confidence, creativity, and community in everyday life. Make choices in responsible health (physical, spiritual, and mental). Discover our true identity and live a purpose filled life.

There are days we fall short, but we can get back up, try to do better the next day. It’s more important to forgive ourself and others. We will never be perfect, but do better. I believe when we try our best and maintain a sense of humor, we can all live Beutiflee!

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