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Fall into encouragement.

Photo by GoogleThis year isn't over yet. You've entered the final Quarter. All throughout the year, there were lots of ugly twist and turns. You didn't like what happened, faced many giants. Defeated some of them, while still fighting off more. Guess what, you're victory is coming. Feed on the strength of David, on the… Continue reading Fall into encouragement.

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I want to encourage you.

Keep moving forward. Whatever you are facing, it is placed there to distract you. You are equipped to handle the pressure and confident to speak up for yourself. There is more power inside of you then you ever realized. Take up your Bible and defeat those giants. God is your armor and shield. Don't lose… Continue reading I want to encourage you.

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Spread Encouragement

We have all been created uniquely by the Master Creator. Stop criticizing, start encouraging. Kind words doesn't cost you anything, but deposits value in someone else. Compliments illuminates someone out of darkness! Have a great weekend! If you felt encouraged by this post, leave a comment below! Want to read more of my post? subscribe… Continue reading Spread Encouragement

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Everyday Inspiration

Matthew 22:29 says, "Jesus replied, "Your mistake is that you don't know the Scriptures, and you don't know the Power of God."" What a powerful name it is? Jesus name is so powerful, we cannot fathom how glorious it is to declare his name right out of our mouth. The moment we utter his name,… Continue reading Everyday Inspiration

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Everyday Inspiration

Scripture Exodus 14:14 says, "The Lord will fight for you and you will only be silent." Oh, how it would be liberating to let people have it. Shouting out all kinds of insults, just giving into anger. Telling people what you really think about them, especially if they piss your off. Our lips can easily… Continue reading Everyday Inspiration