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I want to encourage you.

Keep moving forward. Whatever you are facing, it is placed there to distract you. You are equipped to handle the pressure and confident to speak up for yourself. There is more power inside of you then you ever realized. Take up your Bible and defeat those giants. God is your armor and shield. Don't lose… Continue reading I want to encourage you.

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Music I’m loving right now: God only knows

Dear Friend, we all go through feelings of loneliness, especially if you're single. Most hide behind a smile. Depression is very serious and shouldn't be thought of lightly. The weight of it becomes unbearable, at times lead to suicidal thoughts. You are worth more than anything this world could ever offer. I don't want you… Continue reading Music I’m loving right now: God only knows

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Six Words

Confidence is her element of surprise Journaling is therapeutic. I pour out my thoughts and release them to the pages. I've decided to write 3 things I'm thankful for daily. I'll look forward to the blessings more than the distraction of negativity. The message on the front cover, is my affirmation to conquer the day.… Continue reading Six Words


Midweek Motivation

Don't underestimate who God created you to be and the abilities you have. Take risk, overcome fears, and trust God. When you trust yourself, you trust God. When you know yourself, you know God. When you love yourself, you love God. ❤️ God gives us grace, strength, and protection to handle whatever gets thrown at… Continue reading Midweek Motivation

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Music I’m loving right Now..

OMG! What an amazing achievement for one of my all time favorite music group. I'm like such a huge fan, Yes, I was just like this guy and more, lol! What can I say, I'm a 90s baby, where pop groups were a huge deal and some. Honestly, where music carry heavy ballads and appeal… Continue reading Music I’m loving right Now..


Everyday Inspiration Walk by faith, does come with opposition. Never waver, for the Lord God will be with you to battle against the challenges. You have the power to overcome obstacles. With those test, we are release the hidden power of God more and more. We embody a powerful warrior design by God. You are tested,… Continue reading Everyday Inspiration

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How I stuck to the Fast?

Since I've spoke so much about my spiritual journey with the Fast. I thought I could share ways I stuck to the fast (both spiritually and physically). This journey wasn't about food, but it helped to shock the flesh, while being spirit-led. The purpose of a fast is about the direct connection to God. Walk… Continue reading How I stuck to the Fast?


Everyday Inspiration Your words have power. Not only against others, but it can affect you. What we put out, comes back to but you and your love ones. What you put out can never be erased. Use your words to ignite passion, inspiration, encouragement, and honor. We all wish to receive praise and respect from words.… Continue reading Everyday Inspiration



Hey, Bless to you all on this Good Friday! Too all my teachers, I feel you spring break has arrived. Unfortunately, for me I had mines this week, meaning I'll be returning to work after Easter. Bummer! No need for sadness, God has been good too me in so many ways. I wish to share… Continue reading Good FRI-YAY!