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Peace, Be Still

It seems everything is important, a priority. We're always in work mode, business comes first. You're in denial about burnout. Even avoiding signs. We don't stop to listen to our body. We're not mechanical to work without limits. Expecting so much of ourselves, to the point of fatal exhaustion. We cannot do it all. And… Continue reading Peace, Be Still

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Guard your mind

Who would you say is the worst critic? Friends, family, boss, coworkers, or....how about you. Me? Yes. We're investing in the illusion of perfection, beauty, and flawless. The moment something looks wrong, we lose approval ratings. We fester on negativity and self conflict. Social media portrays it wrong, because filters cover up the "ugly" truth.… Continue reading Guard your mind

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Music I’m loving right now!

Many of us fell down in the pits. Face with depression, anger, and sat in resentment. Swallowed up by the heavy fog, going deaf and blind from the gap between you and God. Allowing our circumstances to rule. Bowing to the pain of the past, to strip away our confidence. The enemy found the right… Continue reading Music I’m loving right now!