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More than just coffee…

Two weeks ago, I posed this question, both on my blog and social medias. I've read many of your responses. I might pose more questions, because walking in this new chapter as a Single Christian women, I'd like some guidance. Yes, of course I always confirm with God. However, it serves to spark a conversation… Continue reading More than just coffee…

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In the mist of the fiery furnace

Lets go to the book of Daniel, Chapter 3 NKJV: The story of the three Hebrew Men: Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-Nego, who refuse to worship King Nebuchadnezzar's golden idol. King Nebuchadnezzar decree: "To you it is commanded, O peoples, nations, and languages, that at the time you hear the sound of the horn, flute, harp, lyre,… Continue reading In the mist of the fiery furnace

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More than just coffee….

Oh, its beautiful today...Let's sit outside! Here I made this amazing raspberry tea...MMmm! Look at this view, isn't it gorgeous? How are you? How has your week been? Comment below!!!! Recently, I read a great post from the beautiful and encouraging blogger BeautyBeyondBones, go check her out! The gist of the post touch on how… Continue reading More than just coffee….