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Jesus Calms the Storm

Maybe you're familiar with the story about Jesus and his disciples travelling along the sea. They encounter a heavy storm, with dangerous winds and massive waves. Of course, the disciples panic and were frighten they would be swept away by the storm. Where was Jesus? Surprisingly He was asleep on a cushion. Not even this… Continue reading Jesus Calms the Storm

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Why do I offend you?

How many times do you hear someone say this? Men feel intimidated by a strong, independent, and confident woman. Really?! Why? I'd love to have a man strong, independent, and confident (not prideful). I don't feel intimidated by him. This is not a competition. We've both have our own purpose and destiny to lead. We… Continue reading Why do I offend you?

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Be the Conqueror 💪🏼

The spirit is moving me to continue on the idea of courage. I've been facing some challenges and fighting harder against my fears. As the blessings are coming my way, the enemy is whispering to me "Do you think you're worthy of these gifts? You are worthless!" I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.… Continue reading Be the Conqueror 💪🏼

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Music I’m loving Right Now

Hey all, Lately, I've been facing a challenge in my health, family, and life. Trying to hold fast to God and his promises. This song has been on constant repeat. The message is amazing. Its when we're minutes away from the victory, that the enemy fights harder. God will always win, as long as we… Continue reading Music I’m loving Right Now