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Music I’m loving right now!

Many of us fell down in the pits. Face with depression, anger, and sat in resentment. Swallowed up by the heavy fog, going deaf and blind from the gap between you and God. Allowing our circumstances to rule. Bowing to the pain of the past, to strip away our confidence. The enemy found the right… Continue reading Music I’m loving right now!

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Jesus Calms the Storm

Maybe you're familiar with the story about Jesus and his disciples travelling along the sea. They encounter a heavy storm, with dangerous winds and massive waves. Of course, the disciples panic and were frighten they would be swept away by the storm. Where was Jesus? Surprisingly He was asleep on a cushion. Not even this… Continue reading Jesus Calms the Storm

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Vitamin Sea

Photo credit: JeffreyThe sun broadens the blue sky Its warmth kisses my skin As the sand tickles my toes Sunlight reflects on the water Waves dance against the shoreline Beautiful sight Serene sounds my heart soaks it in A gentle wind Teases my hair I close my eyes exhale Nothing compares to this moment I… Continue reading Vitamin Sea

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Discover your healthiest self: Stress

Photo by from Pexels Deadlines, pressure, time constraints, dating, parenting, traffic and oh my, 😆. It can be all so stressful. The heavier the load, the deeper the pressure becomes. There so much to do, so little time, and it never ends. Stress levels rise and we keep hoping for a release. Stress can take a toll… Continue reading Discover your healthiest self: Stress

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Sense of Humor

Hi all, It's the middle of the week. Laughter is the best medicine.  🤣 Enjoy! 😆 ☺️ Have a bless fill week! If you felt encouraged by this post, please leave a comment below. Or if you know of anyone else in need of encouragement, please share this post! Please take time to comment, like, share,… Continue reading Sense of Humor

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Cozy Corner with Munchies and Books

Welcome back! I'm excited to say, I'm more of advent reader now. I'm currently in between 2 books, so I wanted to share them with you. Today's delicious munchie I love to indulge in, which can be a breakfast, lunch, or a snack. I do switch between the total & 0% milk. It depends, but… Continue reading Cozy Corner with Munchies and Books