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Fall into encouragement.

Photo by GoogleThis year isn't over yet. You've entered the final Quarter. All throughout the year, there were lots of ugly twist and turns. You didn't like what happened, faced many giants. Defeated some of them, while still fighting off more. Guess what, you're victory is coming. Feed on the strength of David, on the… Continue reading Fall into encouragement.

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She is…

image courtesy of googleShe is... Beauty from ashes Fearfully, wonderfully, and uniquely made Crafted by the one called Creator Truly a work of art A masterpiece beyond the stars She is... No longer held a hostage to her past Tore through the fears Can't you see her light pierce the darkness A beacon of Gods… Continue reading She is…

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I want you to GO…

If it doesn't make you happy, I want you to go. If being in relationship, you keep on flirting with others, I want you to go. If you don't get the biggest feeling of relief when my name comes up on your screen, I want you to go. If there's the slightest bit of doubt… Continue reading I want you to GO…


Midweek Motivation

Don't underestimate who God created you to be and the abilities you have. Take risk, overcome fears, and trust God. When you trust yourself, you trust God. When you know yourself, you know God. When you love yourself, you love God. ❤️ God gives us grace, strength, and protection to handle whatever gets thrown at… Continue reading Midweek Motivation

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Everyday Inspiration

Good morning, Holy Spirit ignite your power in our hearts and mind. We're heading into another work week with the wisdom to handle anything, I mean anything we have to complete. I'm sure the enemy is planning a battle against us this week, but I have full Faith we will overcome anything he attempts to… Continue reading Everyday Inspiration