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I want to encourage you.

Keep moving forward. Whatever you are facing, it is placed there to distract you. You are equipped to handle the pressure and confident to speak up for yourself. There is more power inside of you then you ever realized. Take up your Bible and defeat those giants. God is your armor and shield. Don't lose… Continue reading I want to encourage you.

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Six Words

Real bravery starts in the heart. Journaling is therapeutic. I pour out my thoughts and release them to the pages. I've decided to write 3 things I'm thankful for daily. I focus more on the blessings rather than the distraction of negativity. The message on the front cover, is a daily reminder. Click here: Proverbs 31:25… Continue reading Six Words

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Don’t be in such a hurry

Lately, I have taken the liberty to enjoy a quiet moment. Put the books away, turn off electronics, pens down, and slow down. Slow the pace of my heart, breathe in and out, allow the peace to take over me. It's all about Me Time. We take ourselves for granted. Sometimes, we don't give ourselves… Continue reading Don’t be in such a hurry

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Put the distractions to rest

Every time, we move further along in life. There will always be obstacles, trials, and distractions. We are not walking this life without a cross to bear. And it can be daunting and discouraging. It's hard, because just as you feel you're drawing closer to the blessing. Something or should I say someone, knocks you… Continue reading Put the distractions to rest